Of course a festival in Bovey Tracey - the home of the Devon Guild, the Contemporary Craft Festival and great craft-based businesses like Serendipity, Spin A Yarn and Home Naturally - is bound to feature craft! So Nourish hosts a small but very select mini craft festival on Saturday 1 September in the Methodist Church Hall on Le Mollay Littry Way ...

Tactile Design - Mark Morel.jpg Tactile Design: Mark Morel
Grace & Favour Home.jpg Grace & Favour Home
Andrew Spilsbury Shaker Boxes.jpg Andrew Spilsbury
Rosemary Jacks.JPG Rosemary Jacks
Helen G Beads.jpg Helen G Beads
Rob Sollis.jpg Rob Sollis
Lynsey Adams .jpg Lynsey Adams
Clare Mahoney .JPG Clare Mahoney
Penny Little.jpg Penny Little
Naomi Davies.jpg Naomi Davies
Corrinne Eira Evans .jpg Corinne Eira Evans
Claire Lowe.jpg Claire Lowe